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Monday, March 14, 2011

before and after -_-

what i found today..sadly

oshika peninsular





sendai airport before

sendai airport after

they announced that the 3rd nuclear plant has exploded this morning 7.37am 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

8.9 scala richter

it was so sad and heart breaking to see all the damages in japan after the earthquake and tsunami disaster
sangatsangatsangat bersyukur sebab MALAYSIA saya tidak ada semua itu!!

i would really love to talk about what happened there 
how i SEE things from what had happened there
my pray for all the innocent lives which unable to survive the tragedy
my support to all the innocent lives which definitely traumatize as a survivor
we all malaysian will always pray for all of you there
lets check few photos i saw through the net today

 pray for japan

 kontena besepah :(

pray..any-time any-where any-shirt

 check up due to radiation leak

 survivors' notes


 before and after 





 8.9 scalar richter can be described as great impact for an earthquake damage
it may cause serious damage in areas several hundred miles across - tq wikipedia :)
imagining how the japanese experienced the impact is so creepy and meng-muhasabah-kan
there are few cases with much more higher scalar richter recording though
scaryyyyyy :'(

to me, yes, it is so sad what had happened to the japanese and the country 
but i do think the mighty ALLAH does have His own reason for everything
He always know what's the best for all
all of us should really put a thought on this tragedy to be grateful with what we have and where we live

i always knew that japanese are so high-tech and advanced - yes they are kan?
somehow someway they are too advance until they might be harmful but they don't care
somehow someway some of them tend to be a cocky to others and they don't care
whatever it is 
all the technology unable to beat the powerful strength of nature

this should be an alarm call for those who may concern
think before you do anything to others because anything is possible
bertahun2 ko simpan and test nuclear sekali tsunami, setel! 
and the worst part, org lain yang x de kaitan yg affected, bukan org yg sayang sgt kat nuclear tu
dono what to say la 

japan is a rich country and a friend to many other rich countries 
so hopefully they will recover soon from all the damages
my pray for all of you innocent japanese

Friday, March 11, 2011

bile sejuk dan bosan

gile sejuk x leh tahan la dalam opis tunetalk ni
pastu x banyak call *thank you dear customers :P

i was browsing tru blogs and found dis one survey
agak interesting sebab kene respond dgn kereknye
saye mmg terel part2 kerek ni..ahaaa!

die kate kalo da bace otometik kene tag so kne buat
so here we go..

rule : respond to these as sarcastic/mean as you could. 

if an annoying person says :

1) I am cute.
YR : like a donkey

2) I am the most beautiful/handsome.
YR : to the donkey family

3) See, everyone loves me because I am rich and famous.
YR : tipu

4) Unlike you, I am perfectly multi-skilled. I do everything very well from sports to academic thing.
YR : is it

5) You don't know me? I am Bruneian artist; I have albums.
YR : is iiiiitttt..*pandang atas bawah

If an annoying hot woman/man says :

1) I know you like me.
YR : huh?

2) What are u looking at? I am not interested in you!
YR : ur nipple..sejuk ke kak.

3) Sorry, you're nice but seriously not my type.
YR : sorry?

4) UNLESS you are rich, then don't dream that I will get a ride with you!
YR :*pandang awek lagi hot belakang die

5) Look, I am pretty/ handsome; I can make people hate you!
YR : *come closer and said sua ko x zip

If an annoying extremely ugly woman/man says :

1) I think you and I can make a good couple.
YR : huh?

2) May I have your cell phone number? please please please?
YR : 999

3) Hi, wanna hang out? I want you to be with me the whole night.
YR : seminit 10 juta

4) What do you like about me?
YR : nothing

5) I want you to say that I am pretty/handsome and you like me soooooooo much!
YR : krooohh..krooooh

If your enemy says :

1) Hi bitch!
YR : calling yourself uh?

2) You smell like shit!
YR : atleast i dont look like u

3) What an ugly creature you are!
YR : better than u

4) I am going to kick your ass in this race for sure.
YR : bak datang!

If your annoying ex says :

1) I still love you...
YR : so?

2) I know you still love me!
YR : wrong.

3) Please, come back with me honey/hubby...
YR : kroooh..kroooh..

4) Please call me...
YR : me.

5) The break up hurt me so much...
YR : so?

If an annoying salesperson says :

1) Wow! You are so pretty/handsome!
YR : hik2.tau.

2) Seriously, I used this product and I've changed!
YR : is it?better pakai i punye.

3) We are giving a discount up to 50%!
YR : oohh.

4) This one is good sir/madam. Buy sir/madam. Buy...
YR : dowan.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


You are very curious and dedicated. When you are interested in something, everything else has to wait. This is your quality. But if you learn to be more patient and complete what you have started, you will be successful in life. Your Love, You believe in love at first sight. You won't wait to learn more about the person. Vise versa, people who fail to impress you will hardly get a chance to be your friend. Your emotion is on the extreme. You can only love or hate, nothing in between and this often shows in your expression. Try not to end a relationship in a quarrel.
 Your Life, You have great common sense but usually fail to follow through. This might happens because you are too busy with your mission and shut yourself from the outside world. You are clever and profound so there's a slight chance for self-control problem Your Love. Your love progress slowly, and quietly. You seem to be contented with your unrequited love. You are a romantic and loyal lover.
Your Life, Although you are innocent and romantic but your expression often mislead others that you are an active, fun loving kid. Because of your double personality, it's hard for others to really know the real you. You are careful and patient. Your Love, Your love is the greatest which often surprises others. No one can bring you to light when you are in love. Your confidence might lead you to the track your parents disagree.
Your Life, You usually think before acting which makes your life quite easy. But you often are the one who give yourself a hard time by being paranoid. People might not truly understand you but you are really nice to be around. You are cheerful and friendly. Your Love, Still water runs deep, that's what you are. You always surprise others with your new character when you are in love. Your love trap often comes unexpectedly and your love life is full of surprises.
Your Life, Although you are on the quiet side, but you enjoy excitement and changes. Routine is something you cannot stand. Because of your extreme confidence, you hardly ask others for opinion. You believe in leading your own life, and you have got the gift in doing so. Your Love, Nothing can stop you from making progress in your love life. Once you are in love, you feel the ownership of your lover. A third party can only makes your jealousy becomes worse.
  Your Life, You are generous with people in need, sometimes to an extreme that people find you nosey. Your hidden courage and dedication often surprise others. Your imagination is extremely unique. Your Love, Your love life is on the smooth track because it grows from friendship. Although you may not make a sweet lover but your sincerity bring happiness to your couple.
Your Life, You are sensitive to changes around you but your feeling is hardly expressed. You hate exaggerations. Under your quiet personality, you are rather stubborn and self-centered. These qualities are the force behind your extreme persistence. Your Love, You have enormous courage to please your lover. Your relationship often progress quickly.
Your Life, You have pleasant and friendly personality. People look up to your wit and imagination. You are unpredictable and hardly complete what you started, which sometimes create negative impact to people around you. Your Love, Falling in love becomes your routine. Most of the time, you are lucky. You fascinate people with good taste but you never have enough with one. Although your love progresses very fast, it never lasts.
Your Life, You often have problem in promoting yourself, just because you don't know how to express your true self. On the other hand, you don't really care what they think. This is why people misunderstand you until they really get a chance to learn about your pleasant personality. Opposite sex find you mysterious and worth searching. Your wit is remarkable but sometimes you are too fast to follow. Your Love, You won't reveal your feeling even after dreaming about the same guy over and over. Your first love lasts forever. You are responsible to the feeling of your lover. The chance to betray your lover is none. You have luck with children.
Your Life, You are very capable. If you are a woman, you have high chance to be a renowned workingwoman. If you are a man, your path to fame and honor is near. As an innovator, you are not a good follower. You are good in implementing your imagination and share it with others. You are always well dressed. Your Love, You often lose your love ones from being too jealous. You always feel like you own the person you fall in love with and that often blows your relationship.
Your Life, You are gracious, elegant and prudent. People admire your qualities and some even become jealous of you. You are realistic, flexible and adaptable. You are remarkably kind and moral person. Your Love, You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the one you love. Your lover will always have your gentleness, care and loyalty. You will always be happy to hand around the one you love.
  Your Life, You are friendly, humorous and full of energy. You are open-minded and do not care for minor details. Your weak point is your hot temper. Your Love, You are willing to start off in one-sided love affairs because you strongly believe that you will eventually win his/her heart. On the other hand, once you are together, you always want to do things your way, which is often the fire starter. You usually run in and out of love quickly.
Your Life, You are sincere and easy going. Flattering and charming around are not your style. You care so much for freedom that often leads you to the difficult path. Because of your sincerity, most people find you easy to be around although you are sometimes too straightforward. Your Love, Your gentleness, care and sincerity make you an attractive person. Even though you don't intend to be charming, but you naturally are,especially in the eyes of opposite sex. 
Your Life, You are so confident that sometimes you forget about the people around you. If you have to be in one of the two teams, you will choose to be in the winning team. On the other hand, you are kind and caring but above all, you care for your own benefits. Your imagination is unique and often gets implemented shortly after it comes across. Your Love, You will not get soft with the one you don't really like, no matter how hard he/she tries. But once you feel for someone you have chosen, there's no getting back.
Your Life, You are outgoing and love to be at the center of attention. From the outside, you may seem flashy, flirty, and tricky but your true self is strong, full of hope to be the leader. When you fail to convince someone, you will get frustrated, and perhaps let your temper shows. Your Love, You are emotional. Many can win your heart at once, but not for long. This is why you hardly win a decent relationship.

  Your Life, You always follow the good and the right instead of listening to your heart. Another word, you are a perfectionist. You care for every word people say about you. You often seen isolated while you are, by nature, curious and a dreamer who is ready to get over the edge to make your dream comes true. Your Love, You often fall in love with a person who is much different from you, in age and other aspects. Your relationship grows on friendship. Love at fist sight is not your style.
Your Life, You neither want to be interfered nor have the desire to mess with others' life. But you are friendly and occasionally a party animal. You are always in a circle of friends. You often do things in your own way that occasionally go beyond the acceptable limit. People may find you childish and not very attractive in that sense. Your Love, Your fun-loving character attracts opposite sex. Many of those are great. You often find yourself trapped among a few great guys while you have to choose only one.
  Your Life, At first glance, people think you are quiet type of person. Actually you are cheerful, but conditionally. You will show your joyful character only in good mood. One the other hand, when you are moody, no one would dare to be around. Because of your emotion fluctuation and frank character, some find you hard to be around. Your Love, You hardly show your feeling towards opposite sex no matter how much you like him/her. Your partner also has similar character so your love affairs often take quite a while to flourish. Time tells it all. Your sincerity makes you very attractive.
Your Life, You are great in managing everything in your life and this is how you gain respect from others. Because of this quality, you sometimes feel that you are better than the rest. Extreme confidence might lead you to the wrong path. You are a free bird and want to lead your own life. Your Love, You love life is rather different from others'. When you are in love, nothing can stop you. You may often fight with your partner but, soon after that, you will make up in a way that surprises others.
Your Life, You are prudent, circumspect and take things seriously. Before you make any move, you will think of a few alternatives that might take a while. You are patient, imaginative and target oriented. You value friendship more than anything else. Your Love, You usually study your partner carefully before making any move. You never demand anything beyond the natural quality of that person. Your sincerity doesn't bring excitement in your love life but it brings deeply grown relationship.
Your Life, You are curious and a true follower. You can please someone so much that it seem like you are trying to charm that person. You hide your disagreement under your smiling face. This is a charming quality of yours. Your Love, You are quite unlucky in love. You are loved by someone you don't like while your dream person is so far away. Your love life is occasionally under turbulence. Sometimes you don't have the clear view of the guy/gal in your heart.
Your Life, You have the boss character, but not a leader. Most people look up to you for your capability and confidence although they find you quite stubborn. You should listen more to others. You are a unique and charming individual. Your Love, You hardly take the moderate track. You either love or hate someone. Whom you call friends are the chosen ones. If any of them betray you, you won't let them get away without having hard time.
Your Life, You never live your life in the way others want you to. You are an independent individual who loves challenges and excitement. You are ready to ace with the result of your decision. You are usually the one your friends count on. Your Love, Because you love excitements, you occasionally get involved in forbidden love affairs. You may fall in love with a married person and no one can stop you from making progress. You are very charming, although you might not realize it.
Your Life, You are very optimistic and that's why you always enjoy life. You are gifted in entertaining others. Your friends love and trust you. You'll be the first they come to when they are in need of someone to speak their heart out. Your Love, Sometimes you fall in love just because you want to be in love, not that you really like that person. You always be seen as a sweet couple but you can't really get over your love ones from past. Your partner is usually crazy about you because you are remarkably charming and romantic.
Your Life, You are a warrior. No obstacle can stop you from reaching your goal. You always keep yourself busy. This quality plus your responsibility will eventually bring you success. Your Love, You adore your partner as the number one priority. You value your love one more than yourself. Your love is the greatest of all and your have potential to get married young. 

Your Life, You are always curious and responsive to changes. Routine life is not the way you choose to live. Traveling is your favorite hobby because excitement is what you are after. Your Love, You will not stand being around the one you dislike. Your love comes and goes quickly. You can be deeply in love but soon after you will be looking around for the next one.
 Your Life, You are sensitive and vulnerable. Tears often run down your cheeks even when the matter is not that bad. This might be the result from being to pessimistic. You might seem cold on the shell, but your inner self is a loving person. Your Love, You will be elegantly dressed, no matter how casually dressed your date may be. You are demanding in love and sometimes to an unacceptable extend.
Your Life, You are a capable person but you usually underestimate your own ability. This is the cause of missing numbers of opportunity to step forward. If you try to give yourself a chance, you can be successful in life. Try to see things on the bright side and you will be happier than ever. Your Love, You are quite unlucky in love. The one in your arm is not the one in your heart. Your love has so many ups and downs. You often chicken out before seeing any progress in love.
Your Life, You can trust your sixth sense. Life is exciting so routine job is not your interest. You have great ideas and fantastic imagination. You often feel tired of things and people around you. Your Love, You can tell what's in the mind of another person just from looking into his/her eyes. You are paranoid and jealous and these are the cause of fights between you and your lover. Sometimes the thing you believe in is just your imagination.
Your Life, You are always surrounded by a circle of friends. You are friendly and fun to be with. Although you occasionally disappoint them by being stubborn, but over all, they love your qualities. Your Love, You want to have full control of your love and that's not a nice way to treat your partner. You take your time in saying yes to his wedding proposal or if you are a man, you will not propose anyone until you are certainly confident which might take ages.
Your Life, Your emotion is hard to predict. You can be sad this minute and happy in the next. People might find it difficult to follow your emotion and understand you. You tend to take things seriously. Your Love, You take your time to study a person before falling in love. Once you decide that he or she is the one, no one can stop you from making progress, even your partner.


100 hari sebelum kematian

  • Ini adalah tanda pertama dari Allah kepada hambanya dan hanya akan disedari oleh mereka-mereka yang dikehendakinya. 
  • Walaubagaimanapun semua orang Islam akan mendapat tanda ini cuma sama ada mereka sedar atau tidak sahaja.
  • Tanda ini akan berlaku lazimnya selepas waktu Asar. Seluruh tubuh iaitu dari hujung rambut sehingga ke hujung kaki akan mengalami getaran atau seakan-akan mengigil.

40 hari sebelum kematian

  • Tanda ini juga akan berlaku sesudah waktu Asar.
  • Bahagian pusat kita akan berdenyut-denyut. 
  • Pada ketika ini daun yang tertulis nama kita akan gugur dari pokok yang letaknya di atas Arasy Allah.
  • Maka malaikat maut akan mengambil daun tersebut dan mula membuat persediaannya ke atas kita antaranya ialah ia akan mula mengikuti kita sepanjang masa.
  • Akan terjadi malaikat maut ini akan memperlihatkan wajahnya sekilas lalu dan jika ini terjadi, mereka yang terpilih akan merasakan seakan-akan bingung seketika.

7 hari sebelum kematian

  • Adapun tanda ini akan diberikan hanya kepada mereka yang diuji dengan musibah kesakitan di mana orang sakit yang tidak makan secara tiba- tiba ianya berselera untuk makan.

3 hari sebelum kematian

  • Pada ketika ini akan terasa denyutan di bahagian tengah dahi kita iaitu di antara dahi kanan dan kiri. Jika tanda ini dapat dikesan maka berpuasalah kita selepas itu supaya perut kita tidak mengandungi banyak najis dan ini akan memudahkan urusan orang yang akan memandikan kita nanti.
  • Ketika ini juga mata hitam kita tidak akan bersinar lagi dan bagi orang yang sakit hidungnya akan perlahan-lahan jatuh dan ini dapat dikesan jika kita melihatnya dari bahagian sisi. 
  • Telinganya akan layu dimana bahagian hujungnya akan beransur-ansur masuk ke dalam. 
  • Telapak kakinya yang terlunjur akan perlahan-lahan jatuh ke depan dan sukar ditegakkan.
1 hari sebelum kematian
  •  Akan berlaku sesudah waktu Asar di mana kita akan merasakan satu denyutan di sebelah belakang iaitu di kawasan ubun-ubun di mana ini menandakan kita tidak akan sempat untuk menemui waktu Asar keesokan harinya.

tanda akhir sebelum kematian

  • Akan berlaku keadaan di mana kita akan merasakan satu keadaan sejuk di bahagian pusat dan ianya akan turun ke pinggang dan seterusnya akan naik ke bahagian halkum.
  • Ketika ini hendaklah kita terus mengucap kalimah syahadah dan berdiam diri dan menantikan kedatangan malaikat maut untuk menjemput kita kembali kepada Allah yang telah menghidupkan kita dan sekarang akan mematikan pula.

apabila Izrail mencabut nyawa

Baginda Rasullullah S.A.W bersabda,
“Apabila telah sampai ajal seseorang itu maka akan masuklah satu kumpulan malaikat ke dalam lubang-lubang kecil dalam badan dan kemudian mereka menarik rohnya melalui kedua-dua telapak kakinya sehingga sampai ke lutut.
Setelah itu datang pula sekumpulan malaikat yang lain masuk menarik roh dari lutut hingga sampai ke perut dan kemudiannya mereka keluar.
Datang lagi satu kumpulan malaikat yang lain masuk dan menarik rohnya dari perut hingga sampai ke dada dan kemudiannya mereka keluar.
Dan akhir sekali datang lagi satu kumpulan malaikat masuk dan menarik roh dari dadanya hingga sampai ke kerongkong dan itulah yang dikatakan saat nazak orang itu.”

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


terime kasih kepade tunetalk


ahax lagi skalik!!

nur fazlina binti ismail

saye sangat2 la risau pasal kawan saye yg sorg ni

dgr cite kat egypt begolak gile babi skang ni

dan beliau tidak dapat dihubungi

i tried to text her but no answer..kat fb pun cam x de update

paji, i am and will be praying for your safety take care and impom me asap bout ur condition once u can

i mish u. i lob u. balik la cepat.